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ACHIEVEMENTS 21. PROPOSED CITATION DA FORM 638 APR 2021 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE. Page 1 of 3 APD AEM v1. RECOMMENDATION FOR AWARD For use of this form see AR 600-8-22 the proponent agency is DCS G-1. For valor/heroism/wartime and all awards higher than MSM refer to special instructions in Chapter 3 AR 600-8-22. AUTHORITY PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT 10 U*S*C. Chapters 57 and 357 Decorations and Awards 10 U*S*C. 3013 Secretary of the Army Army Regulation 600-8-22 Military Awards and E*O. 9397...
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How to fill out da form 638 2021-2024

Start by obtaining a copy of the DA Form 638 from your commanding officer or the appropriate administrative office.
Read through the instructions provided with the form to familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines for filling it out.
Begin by completing the top portion of the form, including your personal information such as name, rank, and unit.
Next, provide the necessary details regarding the award or decoration being recommended. Include the name of the award, its purpose, and the proposed citation or justification for the recommendation.
Include any supporting documentation or evidence that may strengthen your recommendation. This could include performance evaluations, testimonials, or other relevant documentation.
Provide details about the individual being recommended for the award. Include their name, rank, position, and any other relevant information that demonstrates their merit for the award.
Obtain the necessary signatures from your chain of command, verifying the accuracy and validity of the recommendation.
Once all sections of the form have been completed, review it thoroughly for any errors or omissions.
Finally, submit the DA Form 638 to the appropriate administrative office for processing.

Who needs da form 638?

Any military personnel who wish to recommend an individual for an award or decoration will need the DA Form 638.
Commanders or superiors who want to recognize the exceptional performance or achievements of their subordinates will also require this form.
Additionally, any administrative personnel responsible for managing awards and decorations within a unit or organization may need this form to document and process recommendations.

Who needs a DA Form 638?

Any military servant (regardless of rank) having personal knowledge of an outstanding act, achievement or service worth awarding a decoration has the right and obligation to submit a formal recommendation to military command channels for consideration. Nonetheless, a soldier may not recommend himself for award, as the Army does not condone self-recognition.

What is the DA Form 638 for?

A DA 638 is a US Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award. This form is appropriate in most cases except for recommendations for awards for heroism, valor, or wartime, which require a separate process for recommendation.

Is the DA Form 638 accompanied by other forms?

Appropriately completed, the form does not require any additional documentation or materials. However, in some cases form DA 2823 can serve as substantial evidence in favor of an award decision.

When is the DA Form 638 due?

The time limit for recommending the award is two years following the act, achievement or service, considered worth recognition.

How do I fill out the DA Form 638?

Submission of the DA 638 is initiated by the person who is aware of the act, or achievement worth acknowledgement. This person has to identify the military member who would receive the award (Soldier) and himself (Recommender), provide their contact information and data, along with an explanation of the achievements. All this information is followed by the documentation of approval through the chain of command. Once signed by the intermediate authorities, the form is delivered to the Approval Authority, which is the Company Commander.

Where do I send the DA Form 638?

The filled-out form is sent to the United States Army Department to be evaluated. In case of a positive response, the necessary actions will be taken.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing da form 638

Instructions and Help about da638 form

Laws dot-com legal forms guide a DEA form 6:38 is United States Army forms for the recommendation for an award the form is used for most recommendations for awards but not for heroism valor or wartime awards which must use a separate process for recommendation the DEA form 638 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the army chain of command the party who is filing the DEA forms 638 must first identify in boxes 1 through 3 the military member who would receive the award the recommending military member their contact information and the date part 1 then requires specific information regarding the individual to receive the award in boxes for through 13 supply all information required including name contact information branch previous Awards recommended and the reason for the award next you must supply the specific information regarding the recommending individual boxes 14 through 19 required the recommenders general information and a relationship to the awardee part 3 of the DEA form 638 requires a detailed explanation of the achievements which have led to this particular recommendation for an award make sure to provide a detailed account in bullet form of any achievements which warrant the award this will be used as an evaluation by the authorizing party to determine if the award should be given part 4 requires the documentation of all the approval through the chain of command that must be given in order for the recommendation of an award to be completed all certifying members through the chain of command must provide their information and sign off on the award to be given if additional personnel are required to approve the award they can be listed on the addendum provided in the DEA form 638 as needed once all members of the chain of command needed to approve the award have signed off on this form the form is to be submitted to the appropriate HQ for processing the recommendation must face final approval which will also include the final order for the award or a denial with an explanation details of the distribution of the award will be provided in the return form to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm

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What is da form 638?

A fillable DA 638 form is used by the US Army. It is completed when a higher ranking soldier wishes to recommend another for an award. This form requires information about the soldier who should be considered for the award as well as information about the particular office making the recommendation.

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DA Form 638 is a United States Army form used to recommend individuals for awards and decorations. It is also known as the "Recommendation for Award" form. It is a two-page form used by commanders to recommend a soldier for an award. It is designed to provide all the necessary information required to evaluate the soldier’s eligibility for an award.
The DA Form 638 (Recommendation for Award) is used by commanders to recommend a soldier for an award. The commander is responsible for completing the form and submitting it to the appropriate authority for action.
1. First, locate the block for the "Date" and enter the current date. 2. In the next block, enter the name of your unit. 3. In the block labeled "For/Through," enter the name of the individual you are recommending the award for. 4. In the block labeled "Rank," enter the individual's rank. 5. In the block labeled "Grade," enter the individual's grade. 6. In the block labeled "Organization," enter the name of the individual's organization. 7. In the block labeled "Position," enter the individual's position within the organization. 8. In the block labeled "For what service/accomplishment," enter a brief description of the service or accomplishment that warrants the award. 9. In the block labeled "Award," enter the specific award you are recommending the individual receive. 10. In the block labeled "Remarks," enter a brief description of why you feel the individual deserves the award. 11. In the block labeled "Recommended by," enter your name and rank. 12. In the block labeled "Date," enter the date on which you are submitting the form. 13. Finally, sign and date the form.
The DA Form 638 is a Department of the Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award or decoration. The form is used to provide information about the individual's qualifications, accomplishments, and justification for the award.
The DA Form 638 is used to summarize a soldier's performance and potential for promotion. It includes the following information: 1. The soldier's name and rank. 2. A summary of the soldier's achievements and accomplishments during the rating period. 3. The soldier's potential for promotion. 4. Recommendations for future promotions and assignments. 5. Comments and observations from the rating official. 6. The rating official's signature and date.
The deadline to file DA Form 638 in 2023 is dependent upon the unit’s schedule and the reason for its submission. Generally, the form must be submitted to the appropriate authority within 90 days of the approval of the recommended action.
There is no specific penalty for the late filing of a DA Form 638. However, failure to file the form in a timely manner could result in an administrative delay in processing the request, which could have negative implications for the individual making the request.
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